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Rules of Politics
1. Politics is about getting & keeping political power.
2. Political survival is best assured by depending on few people to attain and retain office.
3. If there are many people willing to replace cronies, the leader has greater power.
4. Dependence on small coalition liberates leaders to tax a higher rates.

For civilians:
-Make sure that the leader depends on the largest possible coalition to stay in power.
    -larger essential coalition: less power for leader, more power for people.

If resource rich nation:
-leaders depend less on civilians for money, so easier to become autocracy.

How to wage war:
-autocracy: don't care much for soldiers. Keep as much money for yourself and your cronies. Be more willing to lose. Time is of essence
-democracy: care for soldiers, since you rely on people to stay in power. Only wage wars when 100% sure you can win. Keep on trying, over and over until victory.

Most important thing of political survival:
-make sure you pay your cronies

Foreign Aid:
-Foreign Aid can be used as a means for dictators to stay in power because they get enough money to sustain themselves and their cronies.

Best time to reform dictatorship into democracy:
-when leader is old
-when a new leader comes in
-when leader is losing hold of his coalition

Note: Autocracies are likely to crumble under their own poor economy and corruption over time. Best not to interfere with this destruction if want to reform the government.
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March 15