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Having lived in both Japan and California, I sometimes find myself amazed at the distinct climates of the two locations.
In Japan, the four seasons had distinct colors: Spring was light green with a tinge of pink, Summer was dark green and blue, Autumn was red and yellow, and Winter was white.
On the other hand, California really has only two seasons: brown season and green season. Brown season lasts from the latter half of Spring to the beginning of Fall, while green season lasts throughout Autumn and Winter and ends in the first half of Spring. 
The reason for this two-faced climate is because the Golden State receives no rain for the majority of the year. 
Japan has rain year-round, in fact it may have too much rain during the Summer when the typhoons hit.

Currently, California is in green season, and has had a month full of downpour. 
This morning I took my two dogs out for their routine sunrise walk when a trickle of rain started falling from the sky.
Unfazed by the meager amount of rain, I continued to guide my canines down a hill, where a stream of rainwater was flowing down into a sewer duct. 
When I progressed three-quarters down the hill, I noticed that the downhill stream was carrying a worm with it. 
The worm seemed limp, it was not moving at all to oppose its approaching murky doom. 
I thought that it may have already drowned, but I impulsively stuck my hand into the minuscule river and grabbed the slimy invertebrate out of the water.
It was alive. 
I quickly dropped the writhing pink tube into a neighbor's front lawn, and left the scene.

That is when I realized that I had saved a life. 
It was not much of a life. In fact the world would have gone on fine even if the worm lived or not.
Saving a life was a weird experience for me because I have increasingly come to believe that there is no inherent worth in any form of life.
The universe does not care for Earth, and neither do humans themselves.
Humans continue to create apocalyptic nuclear weapons with full knowledge that these tools can kill them.
Humans kill each other in mass numbers simply for different points of view.
The American society was built under the assumption that life has an inherent value, that life is precious, but the more I look at history, the more I think people don't really care.
So I decided to stop caring (Well I attempted to).
But in the end, I saved a tiny life.

I see no glory in my actions nor any reason to brag for it.
But my act this morning makes me wonder if I can set my morality straight. 
I'm still a teenager, I have a lot to think about life, and all the shit that comes with it.
But if I don't start seriously thinking about it now, I think I will lose who I am and what I want to be.

Now all I need to do is figure out who I am and what I want to be.
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